Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AutoCAD import x,y,z csv data points

How to import a text file of CSV data with x,y, z  3D points.

I though this might be hard but its really not.  The most work is in preparing the data.

  1. Create a clean CSV text file with only x,y,z values like this with NO headers:


          the first column is the X coordinate, second column is the Y coordinate, and the third column is the Z coordinate, all separated by a comma  ,

          it is important to note that I am using ACAD 2011 German (Deutsch).  This means your coordinates must be with a .  decimal separator NOT a comma, which is normally the case with German coordinates and numbers.

             2. Open ACAD with an empty template
             3. Click create POINT
             4. Copy the text file contents with STRG-C     or CTRL-C on english keyboard
             5. Then PASTE directly into the command line with STRG-V  or CTRL-V
             6. Hit escape
             7. Save your new DWG  with save
              8. DONE

          This was easy but not intuitive on my first attempt :)


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