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arcpy write a list of feature datasets from a geodatabase to a csv file

Lets be a little more specific as to what we want to do so I will reformulate the title now: How to write to a CSV file a list of ESRI ArcGIS personal geodatabase feature classes and feature sets using arcpy? As usual here is the code first since we are all impatient :) code is on Github most of it is self explanatory but who knows.  We assume you have a running copy of ArcGIS 10.2 in this case with on my machine I have ArcGIS10.2 installed and the python interpreter is located here  c:\arcgis\Python27\ArcGIS10.2\python.exe I think only a few lines might need explaining line 27   wr . writerow ( each_fs . split ( "," )) The .split(",") prevents our CSV from spitting out "f", "c", "_","n","a","m","e", "F","o","o.......   where our list is  fcList= ["fc_nameFoo","fc_nameFee"] If you want to write this all to one single line in the csv y