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Golf and Country Club Zürich with GOLFGIS Pin position module

Golf and Country Club Zürich hosted the Omnium Championship from 27.07 until 29.07.2012 using the pin position module to deliver day to day pin position maps for the players. Feedback from the tournament organization was great.  Lahcen Jabrane (Head Greenkeeper) said "Working with Michael was a great pleasure and having the ability to update the pin positions live on my iPhone on the course saved us a huge amount of time."  The secretary could access Lahcen's updates live on his computer and print out the formated PDF files immediately after the new positions were placed on the course. Timing is of great importance because the holes are re-located early in the morning depending on the weather and the team needed to be able to change and print the new pin position maps on the fly. Using the pin position module for mobile and web provided by is a great way for the administration, secretary, tournament referee, team captain and greens kee

Pin Position Management

GOLFGIS  module  Pin Position Management Using GIS for the last 15 years or so has lead me into many diverse uses of GIS.  Now recently our GOLFGIS product has taken on the task of managing pin positions. I thought hey this can't be so difficult, just load a DEM (digital elevation model) map the contours and volla you have a surface model, flow model of how the ball would roll and immediate display of where you can place the pin.  But as the GIS veteran that I am I knew this would be harder. Lets start with where do I get a DEM or map of the green?  it needs to be like millimeter accurate to be of any use to a golfer.   Laser scan data?  When available super, when not too costly to produce for a normal course budget Map it yourself. We use option 2.  Map it yourself. Using my mapping skills by hand technique learned at University I was quickly up and running mapping, slope, break lines and contours. Now we need to follow the golf rules for pin position placem