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Geonode to share golf data

We recently installed a Geonode instance on one of our servers to host golf data here at .  The purpose is to share golf maps and golf specific data. What is golf specific data? Fairways Greens Tee Areas Bunkers Water Hazards Trees Cart Paths Buildings Playing Lines Markers out-of-bounds water-hazard-front water-hazard-side 100m to green front 150m to green front 200m to green front Biotop posts Semi-rough Rough and more... Now the geometry alone provides valuable information like square meters and perimeter values for each area that the Greenkeeper can use for calculating fertilizer amounts per m2. Geonode is still a new project based on several open source software projects: Geoserver , Geonetwork , Postgresql , PostGIS, OpenLayers and GeoExt plus Django. Lots of configuration goodness to get it all play nice together but it works.  Now we are busy making it work better for all the non GIS folk who are going to use this portal t