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Where to Learn Python ? Starting to learn python and django in 2013 is great and here are some of my favourite links I like to give out when someone asks me.  Here is a great online python terminal where you can try your python code out in the browser. Some other great learn to program using python classes are here: A gentle introduction to programming with python (open MIT) Finally but not least Geospatial Resources in Python Happy programming

OGR2OGR examples for Spatialite, PostGIS, Shapefiles

I'm constantly trying to avoid Shapefiles but seem to only fail because some software GPS or GIS only supports Shapefiles as the interchange format.  Hence bye bye table names longer than 10 Characters (very annoying !) when going from a DB to Shapefile. Here are some examples that I have recently used in doing some batch conversions here and there between PostGIS, Spatialite and Shapefiles. My Setup :  Windows 7 Pro, 32 Bit,  ogr2ogr.exe  version GDAL 1.9.2, released 2012/10/08 (Installed using OSGeo4W  installer) Example how to get version of ogr2ogr on my machine, at the command prompt.  Note your path to ogr2ogr is most likely not where I have it. > c:/OSGeo4W/bin/ogr2ogr.exe/ogr2ogr.exe --version   version GDAL 1.9.2, released 2012/10/08 So now the examples Example 1.  upload all Spatialite tables to an existing PostGIS DB and existing tables with same name as the Spatialite table names  c:/OSGeo4W/bin/ogr2ogr.exe/ogr2ogr.exe -append -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=geom

Geospatial Web Visualisation

How do you visualize geo data on the web when you don't know which ones are out there?   This was the question I asked myself when thinking about how to explain this to my students. I then began to search and find out what is out there. Geospatial Visualisation = Cartography  or ?   Well GIS has roots in computer visualisation and graphic design so where else but to start looking in these branches for new developments and here is what I found. d3   Data driven documents. D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. threejs threejs for 3d visualization in the browser   more cool 3d geospatial visualization on the web dojo   Combine OpenLayers map data with additional features such as geo-referenced Dojo graphics shapes or geo-referenced Dojo widgets on top of the background map. leaflet javascript api openlayers javascript api google maps javascript api Google Charts Google charts can produce maps using google maps api Mode