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Why use OpenERP in a small business

Well it did take more than 1/2 hour to get   OpenERP   Odoo  up and running last night.  To be precise it took exactly 4,75 hours. I must say that I'm impressed with the modules, features and useability.   Now I need at least 1 week to play/customize it and we are off to the races. Why did I install an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) web application for my small business? Well my company GOMOGI   like all other small businesses around the world need to do all the same stuff like big companies on a smaller scale like: manage and engage customers (Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )) marketing our products write bills/invoices manage projects with AGILE   SCRUM   methodology Getting Things Done way to organize my busy multitasking days, weeks, months and years This keeps all our STUFF in one place and accessible online at anytime no matter where I am (onsite with a customer, traveling, anywhere). No backing up issues since our hosting provider takes care of that f