Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why indoor maps are important.

Asking a tough question "why are indoor maps important?".  The answer is simply the same reason as to why any map is important.

Maps guide us in many ways, present us huge amounts of information in a simple manner.

Here is a top 5 list of why indoor maps are important:

  1. Transfer information fast
    • Images share more information than words hands down. Complex building structures are literally a maze of ways and paths.  Indoor maps show floor plans, furniture and other features to identify your way.
  2. Allow to check our progress
    • You can locate where you are and how much further you have to go.  Indoor floor plans with routing can show you your way from point A to B and see where you are.
  3. Ease communication
    • Trying to explain where some thing is located is not an easy task.  Whenever you want to show someone where something is located you want a "map".  Indoor maps show you the floor plan and floors for complex buildings in a familar way.
  4. Reduce stress
    • Do you feel stress when you are lost?  Well most people do and the stress escalates very fast when you are about to be late for a meeting or appointment.  Having an indoor map helps you plan and prepare for your trip, therefore reducing your anxiety of the possibility of getting lost.
  5. Chart out what is where
    • Providing information about the indoor environment is as important as our outdoor environment. We spend more hours indoors than we do outdoors and that is why indoor maps are needed in as many places as possible.

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