Monday, July 9, 2012

Pin Position Management

GOLFGIS  module  Pin Position Management

Using GIS for the last 15 years or so has lead me into many diverse uses of GIS.  Now recently our GOLFGIS product has taken on the task of managing pin positions.

I thought hey this can't be so difficult, just load a DEM (digital elevation model) map the contours and volla you have a surface model, flow model of how the ball would roll and immediate display of where you can place the pin.  But as the GIS veteran that I am I knew this would be harder.

Lets start with where do I get a DEM or map of the green?  it needs to be like millimeter accurate to be of any use to a golfer.  
  1. Laser scan data?  When available super, when not too costly to produce for a normal course budget
  2. Map it yourself.
We use option 2.  Map it yourself. Using my mapping skills by hand technique learned at University I was quickly up and running mapping, slope, break lines and contours.

Now we need to follow the golf rules for pin position placement.
    1. >= 4 paces from the green edge  (translation into GIS  80cm inner buffer)
    2. >=  4 paces from green edge if bunker is close to green (translation GIS distance from green polygon to bunker is less than xxxx apply rule
    3. 2 to 3 foot area around pin position must not be on a hill and should be relatively flat (GIS: find slope < xxx, within buffer of 2 to 3 feet)
So now we have some golf terms and GIS terms to create our Pin Position Module.

Why should a greenskeeper, super intendant, manager want to use such a tool?

  1. eliminate pin placement errors
  2. increase diversity of play, new course feel every day
  3. reduce maintenance costs by better management
  4. utilize more area for pin placement
  5. edit/print daily pin placements

It pays for itself  (ROI)

  • You: 4-6 hours thinking planning about where to place the pin
  • Cup cutter:  spends 15 - 20% extra time figuring the best position
  • Reduce
    • mateiral costs
    • green wear
    • time
Result = 3-5 Month  ROI

How can you start?  

  1. Contact us per email, phone (+43(0)676 520 3600)
  2. We map your greens (1-2 weeks)
  3. Login into (1-2 seconds)
    1. view greens
    2. manage pin positions
    3. print/edit daily pin placements

 Well there it is GIS has yet another super use to save the environment by reducing waste, increasing productivity, saving material costs and providing great services to its players.


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