Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Open Geo Data in Austria

More and more data is constantly available on the web here in Austria.  I found it now time to write a little post summarizing where you can get data about Austria from Austria.

http://www.data.gv.at/  (all of Austria)
http://data.statistik.gv.at/  (Statistic Austria)
http://data.ktn.gv.at/   (Kärnten)
https://www.tirol.gv.at/data/datenkatalog/  (Tirol)
https://open.wien.at/site/datenkatalog/  (Wien)
http://data.noe.gv.at/Open-Government-Data.html   (Niederösterreich)
http://data.steiermark.at/  (Steirmark)
http://data.vorarlberg.gv.at/ (Vorarlberg)
http://data.linz.gv.at/  (Stadt Linz)
http://www.data.gv.at (Salzburg all data in Data.gv.at)
Oberösterreich  (links is really long)
http://geodaten.bgld.gv.at/de/ogd.html  (Burgenland)

To round out the list of prominent open data around us
http://opendata.admin.ch/en   (our swiss neigbours)
Bundesamt für Kartographie  (Germany)
Italy  open data ( if you can read Italian)
EU data (publicdata.eu since we are a part of it)
European Union Open Data Portal  (https://open-data.europa.eu/en/data)

Last but not least a quick note on how open data is being published.  CKAN.ORG http://ckan.org/  is a portal platform to publish your data online geo or not.  I also like to plug the great open source project GEONODE   www.geonode.org  for map, layer data management and sharing.

have fun with your newly found data :)   and if you need more info please check out our webpage:

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