Friday, January 7, 2011

Python and related spatial resources

To start the first post of the new year here are some thoughts and resources to anyone just starting out in GIS who has NO computer science training at all and wants quick access to great python spatial resources in print and on the web. James Fee over at his blog post has also some thoughts on python for 2011.

Why Python? well ESRI the "world number one" in GIS uses it as its scripting language of choice and VBA will eventually die. Plus the open source GIS scene is also in love with python and of course I just like it.

Python books I invested some money into when I started out.  The rest of the python resources are of course all coming from web sources, blog posts and from reading a TON of documentation.

First off here are two good free books to get you started:
These ones cost some money if you still read hard copies ( I do )
Head First Programming: A Learner's Guide to Programming Using the Python LanguagePython Geospatial DevelopmentLearning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming 

    Second on the list are bloggers who use Python:

    Other spatial Python sources or projects on the web:
     Non Spatial Python web resources and training materials for Python

    Feel free to help me out add to this collection of links and post a comment.
    cheers michael

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